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Tech Integra Solutions provides a range of services to enable a customer to focus on business in the ever changing business scenario. Using a combination of onsite, offsite and offshore, we can deliver substantial savings to its clients, thereby, releasing the limited IT budgets for meeting the challenges of the changing face of the business. We evaluate, design and develop everything a Business Processes wants with innovative thinking, robust and user friendly linkages. We provide the most effective and efficient solution to the Client’s problem by incorporating the most advanced technology available on date in the solution. Our primary focus is the cost reduction in Client’s operations and reduces overall time required for computerization.


Tech Integra Solutions is a Hyderabad based Software Development Company which provides information technology, consulting and business enhancement services. Innovation is the core of our service culture. We aim at providing end-to-end services to the clients focusing on long-term relationship and value-added services. While having the passion for achieving Strategic Goals, focus will remain to provide simple benefits driven solutions that allows our customers to focus on the other significant areas of the business. We cater to the needs of all automation requirements of our clientele from IT sectors. Innovation is the core of our service culture. TIS team has highly dedicated members aiming to provide services and solutions to the clients with focus on long-term relationship and providing value-added services. TIS’s service model is based on quality service and long term relationship by creating business value adds to the clients.

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