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Why choose TIS KOOK?
Aside from being a proven business with a low start-up cost, TIS KooK is continually evolving with huge profits. Find out how TIS KooK is the right fit for you.

Comprehensive Growth
When you own a TIS KooK Franchise, you’re part of the India’s largest restaurant chain and one of its most recognized brands, and you’ll get the support and experience that comes with it. Be part of a winning brand that keeps restaurant’s coming back for increase revenues within no time.

Our Technology
TIS KooK solutions are changing the way customers dine. These iPad based food menus are fully integrated with the kitchen and point-of-sale systems, allowing direct ordering to kitchen and bill printing from pos systems. Restaurant guests can enjoy interacting with Ide the menu, with mouth-watering pictures of the dishes, detailed descriptions and virtually no waiting time!

Our Support Network
When you join the TIS KooK family, you’ll get notable support before you even make your first Franchisee and well beyond.
Our franchise support system features:
Product development
Purchasing cooperative

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